VSM v2.1.0 Alpha build is just released.

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VSM v2.1.0 Alpha build is just released.

You can download release package from https://github.com/01org/virtual-storage-manager/releases/tag/v2.1.0-a1.

Here is the Change Log:

2.1.0 (build 281)

Special Notes
- This is 2.1 alpha 1 release, only very limited tests on it.
- Some spotlights:
        - Manage existing cluster through "Cluster Management\Import Cluster"
                0. applicable to 2.1 alpha 1.
                1. deploy a ceph cluster external (maybe there is already one running)
                2. deploy VSM with agents deployed on each ceph node with appropriate role defined.
                3. in VSM web ui:
                        1. navigate to "Cluster Management\Import Cluster"
                        2. you should see all ceph nodes listed.
                        3. click "import cluster", then we will see an new page where it asks for crushmap and ceph.conf
                4. there are two approaches to get crushmap:
                        1. paste crushmap directly into the text box under "Crushmap"
                        2. click "Auto Detect", then a dialog will pop up, you'd select one monitor host, and point where is the monitor keyring file on the monitor host.
                5. for ceph.conf, **we see some ceph.conf doesn't include osd information, if this is the case, you'd manually add them into ceph.conf.**
                6. when crushmap and ceph.conf are ready, click "validate" to see if all can pass. If yes, you could click "submit", if succeed, the message tip will show up to say the import is successful.
                7. wait for a few minutes before the status gets synced, then you will see the cluster status.
        - Crushmap management
                0. only draft UI, not ready.
- 16 new features are added, and 39 bugs are fixed till this release.

New Features
- [VSM-355](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-355) there are some used disk paths list in the data path field and journal dik path field on page 'add new osd'
- [VSM-90](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-90) Monitor Status page improvements.
- [VSM-96](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-96) UI responsiveness
- [VSM-98](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-98) Server Configuration Change.
- [VSM-352](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-352) servermgmt page autorefrush too frequent
- [VSM-372](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-372) narrow the attack surface from VSM to Openstack cluster
- [VSM-373](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-373) at adding new OSD page, expect to list device name like /dev/sdd1 instead of pci bus address.
- [VSM-140](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-140) Ceph Development (Epic 6): Prototype Calamari/VSM dashboard implementation
- [VSM-88](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-88) On monitor status page, report what server each monitor is running on.
- [VSM-15](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-15) VSM-backup prompt info not correct
- [VSM-242](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-242) Allow user to modify ceph.conf outside VSM
- [VSM-124](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-124) [CDEK-1852] VSM | adding possibility to manipulate ceph values in cluster.manifest file
- [VSM-4](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-4) Average Response Time" missing in dashboard Overview panel "VSM Status" section.
- [VSM-159](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-159) add issue reporting tool
- [VSM-184](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-184) add automated script to help deploy VSM on multiple nodes
- [VSM-156](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-156) add sanity check tool to help identify potential issues before or after deployment

Resolved bugs
- [Key](https://01.org/jira/browse/Key) Summary
- [VSM-321](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-321) no upstart mechanism used for ubuntu when controlling ceph service
- [VSM-336](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-336) On Dashboard, even no cluster is created, the VSM version and uptime should be displayed
- [VSM-24](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-24) [CDEK-1661] VSM Dashboard | Manage Servers | Reset server status - works not correctly.
- [VSM-365](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-365) Creating Cluster stucks at ceph.conf creation when running VSM on CentOS 7.1
- [VSM-19](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-19) CDEK-1613] VSM | Reset Server Status button - return Error:Network error
- [VSM-379](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-379) Trace back in browser when using reset server status action buttons
- [VSM-381](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-381) run diamond through service instead of current process launching
- [VSM-378](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-378) Performance data is retrieved from outside nodes
- [VSM-374](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-374) the down server is not reflected in VSM
- [VSM-375](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-375) Malformed JSON in 'Integrate Cluster' function
- [VSM-366](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-366) the password for openstack access is shown as plain text
- [VSM-312](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-312) vsm-node sets node status="Need more IP" if a Monitor only node does not have a cluster IP address..
- [VSM-367](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-367) can't create cluster at public cloud environment
- [VSM-368](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-368) The default password is not following the same password policy to include uppercase and digitals.
- [VSM-369](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-369) Change password: "!" doesnt' support in password even prompt message says OK
- [VSM-224](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-224) Controller node error in /var/log/httpd/error_log - constantly ongoing messages [error] <Response [200]>
- [VSM-244](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-244) Internal server error when installing v1.1
- [VSM-179](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-179) keep ceph.conf up to date when executing "remove server" operations.
- [VSM-176](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-176) SSL certificate password is stored in a plain text file
- [VSM-193](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-193) hard-coded cluster id
- [VSM-177](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-177) wrong /etc/fstab entry for osd device mount point
- [VSM-239](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-239) with automatic deployment, the execution is blocked at asking if start mysql service
- [VSM-166](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-166) cluster_manifest sanity check program gives incorrect advice for auth_keys
- [VSM-121](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-121) Storage node unable to connect to controller although network is OK and all setting correct
- [VSM-123](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-123) Storage node will not be able to contact controller node to install if http proxy set
- [VSM-171](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-171) [CDEK1672] VSM_CLI | list shows Admin network in Public IP section
- [VSM-168](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-168) [CDEK1800] VSM_CLI | remove mds - doesn't update vsm database
- [VSM-236](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-236) no way to check manifest correctness after editing them
- [VSM-233](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-233) console blocks when running automatic installation procedure
- [VSM-260](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-260) the check_network in server_manifest will be wrong when it has a single network card
- [VSM-33](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-33) negative update time in RBD list
- [VSM-51](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-51) Install Fails for VSM 0.8.0 Engineering Build Release
- [VSM-113](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-113) [CDEK-1835] VSM | /var/log/httpd/error_log - constantly ongoing messages [error] <Response [200]>
- [VSM-29](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-29) vsm-agent process causes high i/o on os disk
- [VSM-216](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-216) Add storage group requires at least 3 nodes
- [VSM-26](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-26) [CDEK-1664] VSM | Not possible to replace node if ceph contain only 3 nodes.
- [VSM-207](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-207) can't assume eth0 device name
- [VSM-230](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-230) when presenting pool to openstack, cache tiering pools should be listed.

Known issues
- [VSM-393](https://01.org/jira/browse/VSM-393) When importing cluster, if there is no OSd and MON sections, the import will fail

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Re: VSM v2.1.0 Alpha build is just released.

Hi Yaguang,

Great news about the 2.1 alpha release! For those reading this thread, I'd like to clarify that the crushmap is expected to be in json format - which is the default format for the output of "ceph osd crush dump". If you try to get a crushmap by exporting a binary map and decompiling it, the format will be more of a .conf file style and will not work in the VSM import cluster crushmap dialog.