VSM 2.2 Beta version is just released.

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VSM 2.2 Beta version is just released.

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The binary packages could be downloaded from https://github.com/01org/virtual-storage-manager/releases/tag/v2.2.0

Below is the release note:

Resolved bugs

VSM-533 support to create multiple RGW instances.
VSM-532 allow openstack glance to use ceph pools
VSM-519 Does this tool support Ceph Jewel now?
VSM-512 IndexError: list index out of range, when checking cluster.manifest with latest code
from master branch

VSM-504 there is no cluster_manifest supplied during the installation
VSM-495 the pagination feature is broken at rbd status page work in progress
VSM-480 Share keystone, mysql and rabbitmq between vsm and openstack work in progress
VSM-463 VSM 2.1 ignores ceph parameters defined in cluster.manifest file during cluster
VSM-459 When importing cluster, if there is no OSd and MON sections, the import will fail work
in progress
VSM-451 make file system mount options configurable

Known issues